newborn session guide

Congratulations on expecting! I adore in-home newborn sessions and would love nothing more than to document your growing family!

In my experience, I have found some ways to make the most of our time together to create beautiful images with you and your growing family! Below you'll find some suggestions to consider as you plan to welcome your little one and document your experience!  

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scheduling your newborn session


Baby's Age

 A general thought is that between 5-14 days old is usually the best time to schedule a newborn session!

After 5 days because it gives time for baby's skin to be free of any redness or jaundice

AND it allows mom to have some time to heal and feel more comfortable during the session!

Before 14 days because the first 2 weeks is when baby is the most sleepy,

and if baby will develop acne, that usually occurs after the first 2 weeks. 

If we miss the 5-14 day window, not to worry! Anytime within the first month can be great!

Some benefits to photographing closer to 1 month old is baby may be more alert

and more used to a schedule, possibly even smiling! 

Time of Day

I recommend scheduling the session earlier in the day,

as babies are usually more agreeable than later in the day when cluster feeding time happens!

It's also important to make note of the time of day your house

gets the best natural light in the areas you wish you photograph!

East-facing windows windows get great morning light,

west-facing windows get the graet afternoon light,

and south or north facing windows, usually get good light throughout the day!


what to wear


For your Maternity Session: I recommend a fitted outfit to show off the baby bump!

A dress is always lovely or if you prefer pants simply pair with a nice top. 

For your Newborn Session: when I look back at photos I've taken of new moms,

I find that light/white/neutral colors are always the most flattering!

Choose something you feel comfortable, beautiful, and yourself in :) 

I do recommend moderate coverage in the chest area to not show too much with certain shot angles! 



Dad's shirt gives an opportunity to pull in a complimentary color,

light gray and blues usually pair wonderfully with Mom's neutral colors!



When I look back at photos I've taken, I find that newborns look best when they are simply

in a white diaper or in a neutral colored or simple patterned swaddle blanket during our session!

We can of course incorporate if you have a favorite onesie or outfit you'd like them to wear too!


I recommend starting the session with baby in a white diaper,

then we can layer with a swaddle or onesie from there if needed!

You can find a plain white disposable diaper at The Honest Co or a white cloth diaper cover here!


You can find some adorable swaddles at Target and Spearmint Baby!


Siblings also give a chance for some added color!

Something complimentary to the rest of the family, and something that coordinates!


I have a Letterfolk sign that can be used to announce baby's birth information (e.g., date, length, weight),

as well as a basket and white blanket that can be used for newborn portraits!

I always bring these props with me, so we'll have them available to use if you wish!


See photo examples below! For more outfit inspiration click here!

day-of session checklist


Get Ready & Feed Baby!

Get yourself ready at least 1 hour before we start, and then feed baby as much as he/she wants during the hour before we start - lots of snuggle and feeding time will help keep her relaxed and calm during the session!

Feel free to have baby in just a diaper for the start of the session, and also when you feed in case they get sleepy,

plus skin-to-skin for the win! :) 


Let the Light In

Before I arrive, please open up all your windows and blinds to maximize the natural light coming in,

and turn off all your household lights and lamps.

Tidy a Bit (But Not Too Much)!

No need to clean too much, just de-clutter in the rooms where we'll photograph,

and I suggest making your bed if you wish to photograph sitting on it!

Warm Home = Happy Baby!

Feel free to turn up the heat a little so baby will be comfortable, cozy, and happy for photos.

Oh, and white noise often helps too! 


This is such an exciting time in your life, for the majority of the time I'm with you, I encourage you to relax and just be present with your family. When you do this, you'll be creating perfect moments to be documented forever! 


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