session details

Suggestions on how to prepare for your session and what to expect - along with some FAQs!

Should you have other questions, always feel free to contact me!


choosing your session location and time


When considering where to have your session, there are many great locations to choose from!

I suggest thinking about the attributes you'd like to have in your pictures; 

mountains, river, lake, tall grassy fields, urban, etc. to set the stage for your family pictures. 

I've created a list of my favorite locations that I am familiar with and believe offer

beautiful backdrops, some variety, and good lighting options in both sunny and cloudy weather conditions!

For best light, I strongly suggest scheduling outdoor sessions within the first 1-2 hours of sunrise or sunset!


For in-home sessions, it is worthwhile for us to discuss and consider the natural light available

in your home to ensure great pictures! I will ask about the time of day your house gets the best light in the rooms you wish to photograph. If your house doesn't get a lot of natural light, a great alternative option is my white studio!

prepare for our session



If you have little ones, it can be helpful if your'e able to create an interest in having their picture taken by practicing with them leading up to our session. Even if it's just with your phone camera, take a picture and show it to them so they can get excited and comfortable in front of the camera. 


Make note of things that make them smile and laugh so you can recall during our session! 

Perhaps tickles, funny sounds, songs (e.g., "This Little Piggy"). 


In order for everyone to be their happiest selves,

I recommend everyone having enough rest and have eaten before our session! 



I recommend bringing a blanket for sitting pictures!


Day of the session be sure to reserve enough time the day of to get ready, for travel,

and arrive about 10 minutes early so your family is ready to start the session at our scheduled time! 


I strive to create a fun and comfortable environment for everyone

by offering guidance and direction throughout our session. 

I'll come with ideas to encourage play, movement, and connection,

so you can just focus on your family and have some fun!

what to expect during our session

I encourage open communication before and during a session to ensure that we are

capturing all the shots you want (and none of the ones you don't want)!

I want our session to be a collaboration of my vision and yours!

I specialize in lifestyle photography, which includes direction and

optional suggestions to inspire both posed and candid shots! 

You can find more details on my approach here!

As much as you want to create an opportunity for pure candid shots,

I will follow your lead and be ready to capture those real moments you're experiencing with your family!

For example, feel free to sneak in extra hugs or kisses whenever you feel the urge!


Light is crucial in photography, so I'll constantly be watching how the light changes as we move around,

and will guide us to the areas that will provide us with the best and most flattering light!

Throughout the session, I really strive to create a fun and comfortable experience for everyone in the family, 

and I often have families tell me how enjoyable and easy the session was (even dads)!

after our session

Towards the end of the session I will let you know that I'll have your full gallery to you within 2 weeks

and ask if you'd like me to post a sneak peek on my Facebook business page within 2 days!

I'm happy to answer any other questions you may have at this time!

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frequently asked questions

services offered

I specialize in documenting families from before first baby arrives to when children are still young and playful with parents!

Let's gather and have fun generating real connection and meaningful moments between you and your kids!

I'm currently not booking weddings, birthday parties, or events - thanks for your understanding!


service areas + locations

I service outdoor, in-home, and on-location in and around the greater Boise area!

You can find a list of my favorite locations here!

how to book a session with me

I like to keep things simple! Just send me an email to

and we'll find a mutually agreeable time, date, and location for your session!

If you have a location in mind, please let me know!

At this time, I do not require a deposit to book with me.

rescheduling policy



Living in the PNW is wonderful, but it can sometimes present less than ideal weather situations.

If weather is forecasted to be rainy, too cold, or too windy, we can of course reschedule

I watch the forecast closely the week leading up to our session

and will communicate with you if I notice less than ideal weather. 

We can even decide day-of the session to reschedule if needed, because 

you and I both want great photos, and weather plays a big part in the experience!


Should anyone in your family come down with an illness

that would not allow them to be their happy selves for pictures,

I suggest we reschedule for when they are feeling better! 


I kindly ask for payment at or shortly after our session; 

I accept Paypal, cash, or check payments.

Thank you!


i'd love to hear from you!

Whether you're ready to book a session or have questions,

please send me a note and I'll respond as soon as possible!

let's be friends!

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