Thank you so much for selecting me to capture you and your family - it is truly an honor! 

Once you book a session with me, you will receive a code to access the styling service and create your own style boards!






how it works

Upon booking a session with me, you will receive an exclusive access code to Style & Select! 

Once you're in, you will fill out a questionnaire based

on the amount of people in your family, their ages, sizes, vibe and color combos!

Results/options are immediately shown!

You can select items to add to the Coordination Bar.

After selecting the base outfits, accessories can be selected to complete the look!

When you're finished with your selections, you can email all details to yourself,

then you can click on the shopping links to purchase the clothes directly from the retailers!

Only buy what you want to buy!

Common retailers used are H&M, Zara, Target, Old Navy, Torrid, Modcloth, and Free People.

A large majority of items are budget friendly ranging from $10-$80.

styling tips

My theme for building your wardrobe is "coordinate + compliment!"

I suggest picking two base color schemes to start (say, blue and white for example)

and then build from there using one or no more than two simple patterns (e.g., plaids, florals, etc.)

and adding in pops of a third or forth color (perhaps pink or yellow) to again, coordinate or compliment your base tones.

From some inspiration, take a look around your house to get an idea of colors and tones you are drawn to!

Consider your location and choose colors that won't blend in too much, so you stand out and don't blend in

(For example, I find that trees are almost always a predominate color in outdoor settings,

and so would recommend not making green a base color)!


Treat yourself! Make yourself a priority and chose your outfit FIRST!

Find something you feel comfortable and beautiful wearing and moving around in,

then build the rest of the family's wardrobe from there.

Dresses are usually very flattering and classic.

I find that wearing a long, flowy dress adds some depth and emotion to pictures.

If you prefer to wear pants, simply pair it with a nice top! 


A button-up shirt paired with pants, slacks, or shorts is usually an easy win!

Some optional layering/accessory options: a sweater, sport coat, vest, suspenders!


I also think girls at any age look lovely in dresses, or in leggings/jeans and a cute top!

I highly suggest bike shorts for under dresses/skirts to preserve modesty in more playful pictures!

where to shop

In addition to Style & Select, here are some of my favorites places to shop for family photos:


Asos - great dresses and tops!

Free People - perfect dresses!

Forever21 - great tops and dresses!

Madewell - comfortable and classic!


Hope & Henry - adorable clothing for kids and babies!

Alice & Ames - dresses for girls!


Nordstrom - always classic and timeless!

Old Navy - so easy to coordinate the whole family

Target - classic styles

Zara - for the whole family, but the kids' section is adorable and trendy!

J Crew Factory - classic and classy family!

Amazon - easy to search options for basic and specific styles

For coordinating outfit inspiration, explore here


i'd love to hear from you!

Whether you're ready to book a session or have questions,

please send me a note and I'll respond as soon as possible!

let's be friends!

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